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Looking for advice for a new rod spread for next year.

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Or Church Stern Planer can be used ....loooks like an ice cream cone shape just detach on way in.

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Ditto on the Church Stern Planning. Works great ! Much easier then trying to clear a long line when your fighting a fish. When I fish solo - 2 riggers and stern planner - can usually leave the other 2 lines in when bringing in a fish. 

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On 12/16/2018 at 1:06 PM, Charlie P said:

Chute rods? I'm really leary about putting copper or lead down the chute, seems like a recipe for tangle soup. How do you guys lower the risk of tangles?

With my copper is all backed with braid, so when my copper is out almost all the time the braid is out 60 to 100 yards (so you have to allow for this when selecting what copper to run) If I want to move it because of fish on another pole, I pick the pole up and move it to the opposite side of boat way up high on the cabin (pole holder there for this purpose), and the line will lift out of the water almost to the copper (pole is almost straight up tip of pole on my boat is probably 15 feet from water) .  You will have from 30 feet to 70 feet depending on many factors of clear water, but this will not work with bad pole handling, the fish needs to be controllable (some are not no matter what) if i see that's going on, it comes in.

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