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for sale : usa Rapala "Fisherman's Lures"

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Had this in the sponsor section, but thought it might be more visible here.  Would like to move a few of these prior to posting some of the others in the basement - Its too many to mention without being embarrassed.  For Muskie fisherman, contact me, I have a small hoard of Glidin' Raps in 12 and 15 in size in the European pike patterns if you need some to fish or re-paint.


Quick history, I am just a weekend fisherman like many on here and I have another pseudonym I use for posting about fishing.  I started CNY Tackle LLC a few years ago to purchase lures and equipment from the manufacturers and dealer stock.  Kept collecting and building up planning to sell some things but life always seems to get in the way.  So, now I am finally starting to divest some of the lures.


First up are what I like to call "Fisherman's Lures".  You might say they all are, but these are much more so as they have blemishes on the packaging only!  They are all new in the box, but they may have stickers, sticker residue, cracks in the plastic, etc. Some packages are near perfect, just the plastic is scratched. They are meant for being fished, they won't impress fishing buddies with the shiny new packages nor are they in collectible packaging.  They are good, honest, new lures that won't make it on a retail shelf.  So, here is a starting list, many more to come (yes, I am a hoarder).  If you don't see something you want listed, PM me and I'll see what I have.


Shipping is extra, you can pick up near Otisco Lake, Paypal fees are extra and please do not ask about F&F, it is a violation of their policy and mine.  Volume pricing on request, free shipping if you buy 5 or more.  Feel free to make offers via PM as well if you don't like the prices listed.  Thanks for looking.




As most of you know, but for those that don't, Rapala Model numbers are a code.  The first letters (1-4 letters) are the model/type (J=Jointed, SR=Shad Rap, etc.), the number is the lure length in centimeters generally (i.e. SR05 is a Shad Rap, 5 cm long) except for anything with a fixed depth (DT10 is a Dives To 10 feet), the letters after the number are the color code (S=Silver, FT=Firetiger, etc.)  - SR05S - Shad Rap, 5cm, Silver


Rapala Jointeds - $5.25 each




Shad Raps - $4.75 each



Misc. Shad Raps - $4 each




Original Floating - F3, F5, F7 - $4.25 each F9 and larger - $5 each



Husky Jerks - HJ06 and HJ08 - $3.75, HJ10 and HJ12 - $4



Crankin' Rap and Dives To - $4.25 each



Scatter Raps - $5.75 each



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Sorry, was not last time up.  Business under water again sale!  sump pump died, all lures listed are high and dry but have WAY TOO MANY.  More to be posted as time permits.  All HJ-12s are sold.



Thanks for looking, more to come.  Will give each lot a few days then off to auction, so if you want something, make an offer.  If you need enough of them, we can talk Layaway!


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