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“Scent crusher duffle bag” review and experience with it

Roys Boys

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I figure I’d put my experience with the scent crusher bag out there for hunters that are skeptical about these scent crusher bags or ozone generators (like I was) so here it goes.. after getting wiffed and smelled out by mature deer I’d tried everything from shampoo to scent blocker and cover sprays washing clothes with baking soda then putting them in a bag of leaves,but no matter how you play the wind it seems like theirs always that one night when it’s perfect you play the wind and out come deer feeding or walking by, next thing you know their nose go up in the air and they smell something that they don’t like and then they clear their nose and run.. we’ve all been there.. so I’m the type of hunter that goes out nearly everyday of the season mostly night and some mornings, I seen the bags and the prices and laughed when they first came out and thought what a way for companies to market these “scent crushing” bags and make a wad of money..  make a long story short I thought well for a guy that hunts a lot and gets wiffed a lot like myself scent plays one of the biggest rolls in hunting.. I bought one, I thought well I’d throw everything i wear in this bag I hunt with, (other then long johns and socks) and if I get wiffed or they look like they have a sense I’m their I’m returning it! I have to say I’m pleased with it.. i still have yet to have a deer down wind from me lift their head or sense I’m in the area (knock on wood).. Deer that smelled me before walk by and feed like I’m not there.. I do recommend this product or ozone generators to people on the fence like I was, it’s a lot of money to put up when your skeptical but in the past 2 1/2 weeks of using it I feel like it works and cuts scent right out of the picture. (When pulled clothes outta the bag it smells like a new pair of shoes or a distinctive smell but I find it disappears in minutes when walking to the stand)


I hunt with camo jeans and cotton camo jacket with a scent blocker hat/face mask to trap my hair smell and breathe, rubber boots. when I get to my spot I throw a mat down on the ground get changed a quick spray with scent blocker on my boots and off to the woods..

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I made my own for very cheap under 20 bucks but I used a plastic tote. You can buy ozone generators off of amazon or eBay but make sure it’s not to big or you will kill the rubber pieces and elastic. I killed my Sitka suspenders with one 10 minute session and my ozone generator was smaller than scent crusher


I just look up specs of the crusher bag or scent closet and find the ozone generator that matches. I also made one for the tree but that was 80 or so.





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