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2018 Holiday Fishing & Hunting Deals Thread


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If you come across any good deals this year as black Friday and the holiday approach - PLEASE POST THEM HERE!  There is a "Follow" this topic option on all threads for those interested in getting updates when new deals are posted.


I'll start with one I thought was pretty good:


Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag Crossbody Messenger Sling Bag



$19.99 - $4 w/ promotional code 20YSC5N3 = $15.99. Shipping is free.




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For those who fish at night.... this is pretty interesting deal:


MadBite Lighted Hook Remover – Fishing Hook Remover with Ultra Brite LED light – the Ultimate Fish Hook Puller for Night Fishing


$13.99 > Use code KQS3OXLB at checkout to get price discount to $8.95 (free shipping)


TWO SIZES - 34.5cm/13.6" and 24.5cm/9.7" you will love the longer size when fishing for toothy fish such as sharks, bluefish, muskie, pike, alligator gar, walleye, barracuda, king mackerel, wahoo, and others; The shorter size is compact and convenient for carry-on. Either size will make removing a fish hook after dark much easier and safer. Although, the longer size is better for these fish.



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Lowe's.com has Craftsman 150-Lumen LED Camping Lantern Flashlight on sale for $5.98. Shipping is free for MyLowes Members or you may select store pickup where available.  



Was $14.97

Save 60%





Note, requires 3-Ct AAA alkaline batteries (included).

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Up to 50% OFF -  Sears.com has select Dura Power 16/3 Extension Cord on sale listed below. Select free in-store pickup to save on shipping

Note, availability for in-store pickup may vary depending on location.

25' Dura Power 16/3 Outdoor Extension Cord  $4.45

50' Dura Power 16/3 Outdoor Extension Cord LIGHT DUTY $8.20

50' Dura Power 14/3 Outdoor Extension Cord HEAVY DUTY $19.99


Last chance to buy from Sears before they close doors?  I heard they are going out of business soon........ maybe better deals to come during liquidation sales.



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For any CAPTAINS & GUIDES around Lake Ontario or the Finger Lakes, $50 OFF COUPON to get your business listed on GreatLakesFishing.com


1.)  Go to GreatLakesFishing.com

2.)  Select Submit Listing > Fill out your charter/guide information, location, pictures, etc.

3.)  At checkout apply discount code: LOUCAPTAIN

4.)  $50 discount on listing fee (normally $139 - $50 = $89).  If you renew next year, you keep discounted rate.


Getting listed on Great Lakes Fishing helps with direct traffic to your website or Facebook page and also increases your Search Engine rankings by providing backlinks to your site.  2 for 1 there.  You can also put all your social media pages on the the listing.






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Price went way up since you first posted... wonder if anyone got iit for the $26 price ?

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I picked one up for $26 bucks. Will be Christmas gift for my girls.  I couldn’t believe that price.... clearly priced wrong so I hope they honor the order. Thanks bandrus for headsup on that one!

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I found a similar deal on saltist reels on Amazon a couple months ago. I bought several of them and it took a couple weeks, but the company selling them cancelled my order and offered me 10 percent off a future purchase. Just a heads up, that tube order will likely be cancelled. It's in the user agreement that they can change or cancell an order any time, and if it's price wrong way below market value, they surely will.

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This is not exactly a Holiday deal but a dam good one.

Go to the Pro Troll website" click" on overstock and discounted.


Some deep. deep discounted trout and salmon items .

Im not sharp enough to post a link.If someone else can feel free too.

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Joe Esox & Bandrus - same here!  $26 bucks and it was delivered today as well.  I think they forgot the first digit - took them a while to ship but worked out good in the end.

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