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2019 LOTSA Salmon School (almost full)

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Greetings Anglers,


There are less than 50 seats left for the 2019 Salmon School, so if you are considering it, you may want to pull the trigger soon.  Captains Andy and Matt have  a lot to share and I am looking forward to not only presenting with them but seeing what makes these  two FISH HEADS think !!!  


Below are just a few items we will be talking about that day.  This is going to be "one" fun dockside discussion for everyone in attendance.  


A few l tid bits:

We have some great insight and thoughts on MEAT techniques and we're going to spend some a fair amount of time on how to improve everyone's meat game.

Flashers?  These can be a confusing to some.  When to use them and what type works best under what situations.

More Meat-Oh-yeah-were gonna talk meat.. From the perspective of three different guys who may be fishing it a bit different than each other and you.

Tourney tactics? Yep-but brief because most guys are not tourney anglers but for you serious tourney anglers who will be in the house-We're all gonna give you a quick tip on how to make you a better tourney angler. I will have my ears open...

DEEP fish? you will hear about our DEEP fish game....  Esp. from East End Andy who, along with the COLD STEEL makes a living grinding DEEP sharks.

The BAR, nope.. not where Andy and Matt like to go after fishing but the REAL Bar; The Mighty Niagara Bar by the season-SPRING_SUMMER_FALL. We have the BAR master-Matt doing this segment.

The VQ traveling road show will focus on how to dial in your game when you haven't fished much or the winds of change have came or you want to cross the Lake and have a day and  a half to figure out plan to catch kings in  a foreign port.

Canadians, Oh Yes, my friends from Canada!  You guys have been very good to me over the years.... You fellas wont be left out either.. We're gonna talk about catching kings in Canadian waters also and maybe toss in a few tourney tips on catching big KOTL KINGS. (Yvan-you should consider attending)...


And more.....


Most importantly folks, your ticket to the school supports LOTSA !!!  These guys do a tremendous amount of good to and for the Lake O fishery and so supporting them via membership or the school goes a long way.  


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the School !


Captain Pete

Vision Quest

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Joe Y. from LOTSA  just informed me this evening there are less that 40 seats available.  


Some of the questions we've seen submitted by the attendees are really good ones.  That is another benefit of signing up-You can submit  a question/topic to be addresses by the presenters.


Capt. Pete 
Vision Quest

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