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Quality Meat Grinder


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Looking for suggestions for a quality meat grinder. I bought one about five years ago from Sportsman Guide for cheap. Twins were born then hunting took a back seat. Then this year I got a doe and it didn't grind the front quarters very well. I tried removing some of the silver skin but some was left. I have the stuffer from LEM but the good grinder is next for sausage.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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2 hours ago, Frogger said:

X3 LEM Big Bite. If you can wait there’s typically good deals on them that are around thanksgiving.

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I looked them up on their website and they are on backorder. I'll definitely try and wait if I can get a deal. I see them on amazon for $400+, whick i wouldn't mind. I bought their sausage stuffer and looking forward to using it. Thanks for all the info.  Much appreciated

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Sign up for their email list, just got an email from lem for 15 percent off $100 orders and 20 percent off orders offer 150, turkey18 is the code. This time of year I get at least one of those a week and I haven't ordered from them in quite a while.

Also might try new blades and plates on the one you have makes a difference inn the one I have along with partly froze meet.

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