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Penn 820 fathom masters electric down riggers

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Good evening, I just picked up 3 of theses down riggers. I am have 2 cannons and was going to add 2 of theses to my boat. If you guys could give me any advice or concerns on the operation of these units. It would be appreciated. Like auto stop and what is the yellow dial with graduated numbers for. I only have $200 invested in all three so its a win for our boat.



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The yellow dial is your depth gauge. Set your ball at the water surface and then set the dial at 0 and the auto stop should stop at the surface. Not sure about the ones you have but mine has a little indicator on the dial and you can set  at a depth for if you're running stackers and it will stop the rigger at that depth. It will also make the switch manual and won't lock on.  

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