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Marsh Mill Ranch Processing


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I've had venison dogs done by Kevins Custom Cuts north of Auburn before and they were amazing, but I'd like to have hotdogs done a little closer to home. I live in Lafayette and Marsh Mill is not that far away. Anyone ever have hotdogs made there before? They are 1 buck less per pound than Kevins, but I want good ones. I see they also make pepperoni...

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Had my deer processed there last year. Very professional. Do a nice job. Cant speak to hot dogs or anything like that. I will say my yield was quite low and they cut it their way. Very clean operation tho.



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4 hours ago, perchjerk jim said:

You got to try the Amish guys on Fox Road in Cincinnatus. They make everything from pepper sticks to hot dogs you name it and the price is right

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Sounds good, but can't find them or any discussion of them on the www. There is Bo Cara Farm on that road, but it's an organic beef farm.

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