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Still Trolling.... with umbrella rigs 11/1


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Got out fishing Yesterday In Sandy Hook with Diesel and my son. Great day on the Ocean and we got my son his first striper while trolling umbrella rigs. Still searching for "the big one" though. One or two shots yet this season before pulling the boat for the winter.

My boy and his fish...


Me and Justin with his shark


A couple with Diesel and the umbrella rigs.....What do ya think about that Ray :D:D:D



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Nice pictures Rick!

Bob, I catch them all through the water column! If they're on the feed, I'll find em :lol: I got 4 so far this fall.....the rest of the crew....a big fat zero!! I guess you can call me somewhat of an expert when It comes to catching snails :$ Ray's got nothing on me!!

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