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Dry Italian salmon

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I seen this done and was skeptical at first but think its absolutely outstanding.


Get a packet of Italian dressing mix (dry) the stuff you would use if you were making your own dressing.


Take salmon fillet on aluminum foil .

Add the entire packet of seasoning on top,

That's the part I was skeptical about.


But yes cake it on ,it will probably seem like it's too much.


Now tent up the aluminum foil over the fish but dot let the top touch the fish


Preheat oven to 450 ,done in 15 minutes.


The steam melts alot of the seasoning off the top.


I've also done this with ranch seasoning as a change ,which is great also.


And here is one of my favorite ways to utilize this, which is ,cook some rice which ever kind you like , spread into bottom of a glass dish that you can cover, put salmon on top ,seasoning on top, cover, cook, and there you go.


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