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Cayuga Cayuga 12/15/18

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Launched out of Treman.  Water level down maybe 15" but no issues launching my 196 fish master.  Headed straight to the East side. Trolled North 1 mile then back.  Picked up lakers with every pass. Started in 40FOW then moved out to 65FOW.  Both Riggers at 60', 4 top water/diver lines on boards.  Picked up a dozen or so lakers, all on cowbells with spin n glo.  No takers with spoons, stick baits  slow, 1 LL to the boat (14 inches) and lost 2 others on J7's, both probably same size.  Water temp surface 42.3 deg.  Two other boats trolling, one perch fishing.nice getting out in December (usually have to wait till end of January). 

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Thanks for the report.  Looked like calm water out there today.  Glad to hear you took advantage of it.  I'm hoping to get out there again soon.  Just need the weather like today when I've got the time.to get out there.

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