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Can we get a fact check ?

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Did they used to permit / encourage harvesting of Pike out of there ? Could that have aided in creating a "larger fish" fishery vs "numbers" ? 


Don't get me wrong I'm 100% catch and release esox but I do subscribe to a system only being able to support a limited amount of predators - fewer larger or more smaller fish


I would love to see another pic of a verified 45+ Pike from NY

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I've caught many over 40 inches and have personally landed several 4 footers my friend caught. However, the pike fishing is not what it used to be up there. Too much enmity towards an amazing fish. 10 years ago it was a given that you could catch several 15 to 20 pound pike on a trip. Nowadays I hope for one 40 incher on a week trip. Might find some new water. DEC could have made this lake a trophy pike lake, instead they feed what's left with stocked brook trout that no one targets. 

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Chinook1981, nice info there and, yes, we need new & different regulations in NYS. In my opinion, it is a pity that, while NYS boasts the North American record pike of 54" / 46 lb. out of Sacandaga many years ago, our regulations do not support good pike fishing. We shouldn't need to go to Canada for such an experience.

On another note, considering the North American record mentioned above, I find the dimensions of the fish in question to be doubtful. If that fish was 56", it would probably have been heavier. More than likely, there is a typo in there (i.e. 46" and 28 lb. ??)  Those dimensions would make good sense.

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