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New Salmon net


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I actually have that net, and I  cut the bottom of it because it's huge.. There's a big split ring on the bottom so it's easy enough to do. I fish alone so I was looking for something bigger than the Rangers.

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On 1/9/2019 at 2:50 PM, hookmeup said:


Looking for suggestions on a new net!!! Any help is greatly appreciated!!!



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I own a beckman that is going on its 8th season. Whatever net you get get the cover I bought mine when I bought the net. Best investment I made never have to worry about the net rotting out from UV light when it's hanging up in the barn or in the cuddy. Also get one of the pinch style downrigger releases and electrical tape it to the handle and pinch the net in it before trying to net the fish. It works wonders keeping the net from dragging in the water and getting tangled up in the fish. 

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