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Advice on a new rig

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Hi everyone,

I've had my eye on a 2006 Sea Pro 238 walkaround. I was wondering if anyone has one or if anyone has any knowledge about these boats. It has a 2006 Yamaha TXR 250 4 stroke on it with about 1400 hours. I've had I/O's for a long time now and not sure what to be concerned about or ask about this engine. The dealer has a report or print out from the engine computer he's sending to me with service records he performed on this unit. I would appreciate any input everyone has.


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     I've bought new  2009 250 Yamaha 4 stroke on a 25 ft Pursuit that has close to 1800 hrs on it. Trolls great with no bags. I change oil 2X a year and lower unit in fall. Have had local Yammie certified mechanic do other PM on it. 

I'd say if the required maintenance has been done by the dealer with documentation you should be good. 

Ask about the timing belt. That's one of the bigger ticket items mine called for after 1000 hrs. I had mine done at 1250 hrs although it looked fine. Other than plugs, water pump and filters that's been it. 

Good luck with your decision. 

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I repowered my boat with twin 07 250 yammies last season.bought them with 850 hours on them and put almost 300 hours on them last season.never skipped a beat,changed the oil every hundred hours or so.they .run awesome,troll awesome.i believe 08 and newer you can get the "troll control"for them,which you can increase and decrease rpms by increments of 50 through the tach.,really nice for dialing in your trolling speed

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