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Okuma Blue Diamond/Convector Combos

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3 Combos..Okuma Blue Diamond rods 8 1/2” 12-25 lbs. with Okuma Convector 30 D line counter reels.

Rods in great shape. Reels in good condition- drags, clickers and line counters all work great.

$75 each plus shipping for each combo.

Save the shipping, I’ll be at the Expo all weekend next week.3ab433b88c6fb96b677b9b0ce58922f5.jpg&key=7050274dd4ffd227682220ee334241ad31fe2db2ac3424322b48490ee06c9fff6874b66c0f04e5ad9d24b8434a145546.jpg&key=1ea3df886b941cdcdee038862d47c8c918d53521f778146128c1dd4aaada45c93dc109361bcd912a972ab51f6432d6b3.jpg&key=99399a932704a7d616d9ad2dba405b96b7e82fdaee1f3778da254d1ea264b1a4



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