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Wanted WTB starcraft fishmaster 196.....2004 to 2017

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196 is awesome bought mine in late 2016 and am totally happy.  It has 150hp merc 4 stroke and can do 40mph with3 guys and gear. Good luck in your search 
Same year and color as mine but I went the yamaha F200 and 9.9. Tops out at 50 with two guys and full load and 45 - 46 with 4 guys on a flat lake.

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Great looking boat. This is Mikes cousin. Just love your old boat. Mike is really proud of it too.

2005 aquasport 215 explorer with a 150 honda and trailer. Its all rigged exactly the same way yours was but i didnt get a chance to run it.

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Good luck with the boat. I have a friend with a 196 Fishmaster. It's been a great boat for him.  We had a 250 Verado on our 2007 Lund that we bought new, however, we got a new boat last year with Yamahas.  The Verado is a very nice, reliable engine. Has to be the quietest engine made, no vibration, etc.  Super powerful, fast, and responsive with digital throttle.  The verado electric power steering is very nice (can drive the boat with one finger) but it had a big drawback for us. We trolled on our kicker that had a tie bar to the Verado alot, and the power steering drew more power than the alternator on our 20hp kicker could keep up with. We would have to start the big engine to charge things back up every so often. As a result we had nearly 3000 hours on our Verado when we sold the boat. It still worked great though.  I know we didn't have the best set up...they have a better system now to compensate for the power draw.  But if you intend to troll with your kicker tied to the verado, make sure it has an isolator and a battery just for the kicker. I think you'll want a big agm battery for the verado too. (i think that's the best solution now). It's worth asking the current owner about if you want to troll with your kicker to keep hours off your main engine.

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There is a posting of just what you are looking for in Milton Vermont, the guy is on Facebook by the name of Kevin Ploof 

Its advertised in Marketplace on Facebook 

Its also listed on Craigslist-Plattsburgh NY just search Starcraft under the Boats

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