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Fish hawk - Canada


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I am east of Toronto, bought at Gagnons in Oshawa. If your okay with supporting large box stores and not your local tackle shops. Sail outdoors will include Fishhawks in the 15% off fishing sales sometimes.

I lost my local store the reel thing in Wellington right beside the launch. Wellington no longer has a GOSD weigh station.

On spoonpuller I've heard of Grimsby tackle. There is a shop in Woodstock I've been to. Huge inventory! Cisco, trolling motors, electronics. Dont forget Radioworld think they are on Steeles Ave and do online sales.

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There was a place selling them for a hell of a lot cheaper. Nortwoods Adventures/outdoors I can't remember if it Adventure outdoors or the the other??You have to call for a price. They'll tell you that also. Best of luck!!

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