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Chaumont bay walleye questions.


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Have a few questions about the bay. We spend a few weekends every summer in cape vincent and take our little 16 foot bass tracker in mud bay and past the bay to the lake when its not to rough. Is chaumont bay to rough for a boat like this? I know its a large bay but i dont know how rough it gets. Also im not asking you guys to reveal your hunny holes but any tips on where to fish walleye on the bay? How deep? Im sure most stick baits would work fine as long as i can get them deep. What time of the year do the walleye stay in the bay or go deeper into the lake? I spend 99% of my time targeting pike and bass so walleye fishing is a whole new game to me. Any advice would be great.


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pick your days weather wise and your boat will be fine
Johnson shoal and cherry island will hold fish the first few weeks of season
all depends on the winter and spring how soon they move deeper
ice guys really hammering the population the last few years
Is it true that chaumont bay doesnt have a daily perch limit?

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Historically this may be true but Im not sure I agree as much now......The market has been greatly impacted by Canadian supply the last couple years (as everyone knows). The only folks making money on fish are at the mid and end points of distribution. Lucky to break even perching commercially at 1.00 #.



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34 minutes ago, perchjerk jim said:

Not good

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Yup launches or walleye catches.


13 hours ago, Eyegetter said:

Launches are definitely going to make trouble this season. Need hip waders definitely.  Any word on the eye or pike bite out there

From what I understand charters are going after lakers because there aren't many walleyes if any being caught. I haven't seen the usual guys getting much.

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