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for sale : usa WTB- 18/20/25/28/30 HP OB motor-remote steer

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   Long shaft remote steer only please.. Not easy to find these I realize that.. Boat is a Grumman  14 with remote steer and controls with a 28 HP long shart.. Its actually a bit overpowerd so i don't want to go above about 30 HP.. a 20 0r 25 would be best, but I will  go over or under depending on what I can find.. I have already inquired about getting my 28 fixed up, but am not sure its cost effective.. I will also consider buying a complete boat/motor trailer set up with a long shaft engine in that HP range, and just using the motor and controls, and selling the boat and trailer , or  just replacing my boat/motor and trailer  with whatever I buy... Let me know what you have . Not looking for a newer high dollar set up-. this motor  is for my 14 footer, I also have a  17 center console with a 70 HP that I use on bigger water..  . bob

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On 1/26/2019 at 2:59 PM, Erie eye said:

Got a 16 ft grumman on here but has a 48hp probably not what u want with other boat

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No thanks,,, My Grumman 17 has a 70, and the grumman  14 has a 28,, that 16 with a 48  is  in the middle of both and there is really no need ...  Still looking for that 25 or thereabouts... bob

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