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Sold / Closed Cannon Helmsman remote control autopilot

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I had this mounted on my Trophy boat back in the 80's. It worked great. This is a remote control that turns the wheel to the left or right depending upon which side of the button you push on the remote control. I would carry the remote in my pocket when in the back of the boat netting fish or what ever. The long U shaped piece  mounts on the steering wheel fits a wheel 11.5 to 15 inches diameter.I usually just left the mount bracket on the wheel. The gear motor in the 4th picture mounts to the center of the steering wheel bracket with just a hand tightened knob.The other end of the gear motor the long arm is tied off against something solid otherwise the unit would spin round and round  and not turn the wheel when you pushed the remote button. This is a simple machine.  There is a receiver box to mount out of the weather somewhere it tells the helmsmen to to turn left or right when you push button on remote. I never had a antenna for the receiver it awalys worked well without.I took it out today hooked it up to 12v . put a new battery in the remote and it worked fine. I walked a good 20ft away and it still worked fine. It turns the steering in pulses so you do not oversteer.  Very easy to wire up . red is pos blk is neg.   I had a book at one time but I can not find it. I also looked on ebay to figure out some kind of value for this . Could not find one. So I am open to fair offers. I realize its old but it still works good so low ballers dont waste my time.Its.heavy shipping wont be cheap.  I tried to explain operation as best I could if anyone has anything to add please do. This is old school we like old school.                               Sk8opedia ever seen one?










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I have been aware of them but have not actually used one Stan I still only have the hydraulic steering and no autopilot on my rig:smile: You were way ahead of me on that one:lol:

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