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Sammy pac spoons


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You might try my "Bluetop3 Flutter Spoons" sold on eBay.  The blanks are similar in thickness and shape to Suttons.  They are finished with high quality lure tape, which gives great color options that Suttons don't have.  The tape doesn't last forever, but the blanks roll on.  It's easy to replace with tape of your liking.  You probably can't beat the price.


I was a Sutton dealer, selling them on eBay, until they had inventory problems.  I had a Cayuga fisherman who bought lots of Suttons and lots of the spoons I make.  When I told him I could no longer get Suttons, he said that it was no problem since my spoons were "outfishing the hell out of my Suttons".  His brother, FishOn, a few years back, replied on LOU, to a post I had about my spoons.  He affirmed that his brother was "catching the hell" out of Cayuga fish with my spoons.  I fish Cayuga very successfully and my spoons are all I use and I've no need for any other.


Photo is of three 44 size I just sold.  Only $10.49 + postage for all three.


I'm retired. It's pretty much a hobby, nowhere near a business.  I don't sell direct, only on eBay.  They're available in 44 size and I can and do make any size.  If interested, just search for "Bluetop3 Flutter Spoons" on eBay.



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