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I have Some 10 Hp OMC Parts I bought And never used.  

2) Brand new Coils OMC #0584477 Fits 10hp and many others.  These retail for 23.00each, I will sell 2 for 25.00. + Shipping from 13041

1) Used and Working OMC coil #0584477 Fits 10hp and many others , 5.00 + Shipping from 13041

1) Brand new OMC Thermostat #5005440 143* Fits 10 Hp and others Retail 20.00, I will sell for 10.00 + Shipping from 13041

1) Brand New OMC Impeller #775519 Fits 10 Hp and others Retail 15.00 I will sell for 7.50 + Shipping from 13041

1) Used OMC Propeller 8-1/8x8 #383315 ( not perfect but it is useable)  30.00 or offer. + Shipping from 13041

 I will sell the lot for 65.00  + Shipping from 13041










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