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I've fished the bay for Bass hard for years! Mainly b/c it was a 15 minute ride from work and I would hit the Bass up after work, but right before the Eye's started to bite. Last year I noticed the weed growth took a lot longer to flourish. This year the weeds were basically non existent. I found them sporadically, but the ones i found looked GREAT. The Bass started to relate to structure. Wood, docks, walls, and so on. These are the places that get HAMMERED becaue they are visual and people can get at them very easy. The tough structure to fish was that first drop. A lot of the bass were holding on that similar to how they do in reservoirs down south. However, you needed to find those sweet spots on those breaks.

You cant catch them if you dont go, so go give it a try! I would start with search/moving baits though.

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