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Z wing down rigger

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We have used the Z-Wing extensively for offshore use. They work great. However, they introduce a great deal of stress on your downriggers and the mounting points. Make sure your down rigger is mounted with through bolts. If using rod holders, be wary. I have spun the post in several rod holders. The advantage is that at slow (1 to 2kts) to fast (6 to 8kts) they get deep and the blow back is more limited than the balls.

Capt. Ken Lahr

Reel Draggin' Tackle

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Quite possibly true Reel Drag. Offshore we run them deep, letting out about 180 feet in 300 feet of water. Our bait is run about 100 feet back. We don't seem to have any problems with any offshore fish. I have not tried them on the lakes yet. I may get an opportunity this year and we'll see. However, at slow speeds it would be hard to justify the cost -vs- the ball which probably performs just as good as the wing at speeds of less than 3kts.

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