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    • Preferred Down Speed and Rigger Lead Length

      Been at this a while but I had a tough go of it this weekend with only a few mature Kings to show for it. Wires were dead silent and the riggers took all the fish. With that said, I know I could have done better. (Lake flip had some effect).    So so as a general rule, what is your preferred down speed and distance from the ball? Just wanna make sure my basics are covered.    I like 40 from the ball for the low rod and about 2.3-2.4.    Here is a pic with my buddy a

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    • Using 4-5 color lead core

      Hi all, this is my first time posting! (Sorry noob) with that said...       I have been getting into lead core for landlock Atlantics. I currently only have one set up with 10 color, no backing. Usually only use 5 colors and the six just coming out of the rod tip. As i have been researching i see alot of talk about set ups with 4-5 colors and braid backing.     I was wondering when using 5 color set up and letting out lead plus any amount of braid, how does it affect the depth the

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    • 10 color micro lead

      Will a 10 color core in the micro fit on a 30 series reel with enough backer? I have mason 27 lb with backer on one now but is real tight

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    • Okuma Coldwater Reel (w/ 10 colors of lead)

      I have an Okuma Coldwater 303D linecounter reel spooled with 10 colors of Suffix Performance (27lb) leadcore and 30# braid backing. Setup is 2years old, I can get pictures if needed... asking $100 shipped. 

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    • Slide Diver Lead Length

      Going to give Slide Divers a try for salmon next weekend and need some advice as to how much lead length to use. Reels are spooled with 30# Braid and plan to splice in 30lb Mono in the recommended lead length advised and then a 7’ leader after the barrel swivel in 20# Fluoro for spoons.   Thank You!     Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app

      in Questions About Trout & Salmon Trolling?

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