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Great Lakes Lure Maker

Brown trout Bling...

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This is a Silver Soldier Heavy Weight Trolling Lure. (SSH) It is 2.75" long, it's stamped from .060 stainless steel giving it an impressive 3/8 oz in weight that makes for a very impressive wobble and a very speed tolerant Lure. We have not named the colors yet so please refer to them by the # when ordering. No website Yet.... It's being worked on. You can message me and pay via PayPal.
Cost now till the end of Feb is $5.75 plus tax and shipping.
Just a side note. This particular Lure was patented on 2/27/1906 by Charles Kausch. It was the first ever metal Lure patented in the USA and will celebrate a 113 Year legacy in just a couple days.
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