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for sale : usa wanted- 25-30 HP outboard w/ remote steer/controls

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  Can't use a tiller,, boat has a side console,, need a remote steer...
 Will also consider an 15-18 or 20 HP remote steer.. Prefer a long shaft but will consider a short shaft as well.. the boat is old, beat up, and not very valuable so i am not looking to spend a fortune on a nearly new motor.. can't use a 4 stroke, too heavy...  Looking for a  good runner thats  been well maintained... bob

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8 minutes ago, TopDawG said:

if you find a short shaft and it doesn't work out for you, let me know.

 they are hard to find in the extreme... couple years ago when I bought the boat [1980 grumman 14 ft.-side console], it had a 9.5 merc with a remote steer kit installed.. it was badly underpowered, so  i tried to find a good used remote steer short shaft 20-25 HP, and it was impossible .. i had to extend the transom tp accept a 20 inch shaft motor, and still 95% of long shaft motors in the 25-30 HP range are tillers...  not only that, but so far i can buy a  70 or 90 HP for what guys are asking for a 25... in any case,, still looking, long or short shaft at this point.. bob

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