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Not too often do you see 25 to 27 foot waves forecasted in Lake Ontario (UPDATED W/PICS)

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Even without the boom something like 90% of the ice on Erie melts before making it to the falls. The mouth of the river is a natural barrier. The boom.was put up to keep the smaller ice from clogging up the water intakes for the power plants ,not to protect the shoreline. Some say it actually hurts the natural  ecosystem by the lack of scrubbing action of the ice hitting the bottom. Seems like every year a small section comes undone not the whole boom.

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo toured the ice boom and ice breaking operations on the Niagara River following the significant wind storm that impacted Western New York from Sunday into Monday. The tour was conducted on the New York Power Authority's William H. Latham ice breaker, which is used to prevent ice jams on the river and also to prevent ice from blocking the tunnel water intakes that are used by NYPA's power plant for power generation. Ice breakers will be deployed 24 hours a day for the next three days and beyond as necessary


.Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said early Monday that the sporadic damage across the region could have been worse, as trees were largely free of ice. 

She also said that parts of the ice boom in the Niagara River did break, but overall the boom is working the way it was designed to work and there have not been any significant signs of flooding as a result of the breaks. 

Gov. Cuomo also made a stop in Buffalo Monday afternoon, taking a ride on the William H. Latham — an ice breaker boat — to check out the boom and give an update on the storm clean-up.



The New York Power Authority issued a statement Sunday evening about the break of the boom.

"NYPA is actively monitoring the extreme weather situation in Niagara County and is responding to any operational issues as quickly as possible. NYPA had previously staged equipment to prepare for any necessary ice boom repairs and for any needed ice-breaking activity.

The ice boom is designed to submerge during high wind and high water events, allowing ice to overtop the boom. Current flooding is not due to the ice boom. This is a wind-driven event."










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