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4 SG27LC's for Sale

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I have 4 SG27LC's made by Daiwa that I would like to part with...Reels are in great shape and will be for quite a long time...I only used them April through May and they sit the rest of the year...Wanting to get rid of them due to lack of use and I want to upgrade to all Tekota's in the future...

120 bucks will have me part way's with them and its a good time for a new troller or anybody to get a bunch of good reels for less than the price of 1 Tekota...

I really dont want to ship and I am located in Rochester and willing to meet up and exchange...Send me a PM if your interested and we'll take it from there...

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My phone is back in working order...After discovering I had no rice I cranked the heat up in the house and threw the phone in front of a vent...A few hours later it was warm, toasty and operational...Give my cell phone a call please as I never know when i'll be home...

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