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Question on 1998 150 hp evinrude FICHT

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I am buying a boat with an Evinrude ocean 150 FICTH  outboard that runs well but misfires a bit at mid range

Does anyone have any idea of where I should look to correct this issue ?

I have been told that this motor class has had some issues ?  Some of them run well and others never do.

Love to here your thoughts,.


Dr W

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Lots of possible causes of a mid range misfire in an outboard.  Might want to proceed carefully in repair to a 1998 Evinrude FICHT as Evinrude had issues in that time frame which lead to bankruptcy in 2000.  If some fuel filters or spark plugs won’t fix the miss, it probably isn’t worth putting much into repairs on this age outboard.  Probably should talk with an old Evinrude dealer or marine repair business.  BRP did a redesign on the Evinrude after they assumed ownership so the later engines are different from the old OMC product.

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I'm currently running a 1989 Evinrude 150 on my Crestliner. It runs great after I paid a local marina to tune it up for me.


It ran rough at slow speed when I bought the boat, and ran good at higher speeds. I took a chance and I'm glad I did. The motor had its VRO disabled and removed by a previous owner, and I left it that way. Compression was good on all 6 cylinders.


The shop replaced the water pump/impeller, diagnosed and fixed a low fuel pressure issue and replaced a main gasket at or near the bottom of the power head. They did some other work on the boat and motor and it runs like it has another 10 years left in it, maybe longer. It was well worth the $900 it cost for the repair work.


I know it's not a Ficht motor, but there are some good older motors that still run great with some initial investment.

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For what's its worth I have a 1997 115 Johnson and  as a weekend fisherman the motor at the end of last season has 432 hours on it since when I bought it new, my trolling motor is the 3rd one in the same time frame so maybe it just needs a good once over.

I know you not that close to Buffalo but Brobil marine is a top guy for your motor

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