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Feedback on fishfinders

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I've heard good things about the new G3N Humminbird and their MEGA+ units. Seems like every company is focusing alot more on the side/down imagining aspects of their units now. Not sure how useful that is to us deep water trollers but it seems like the future is heading in that direction.

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I run Humminbirds and sell all of the brands. HB's are really packed with features, and their sonar is great (especially the SI and DI). Garmin and SIMRAD are good choices as well, but can't hold a candle to HB's SI & DI. Chances are imaging means nothing and you just want good traditional sonar. That being said they all work. User interface on all brands is are getting much more user friendly too. Tell me what you use your multi-functional display for and I can help ya out.

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