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Great Lakes Lure Co recives mention in Encyclopedia documenting the History of Fishing Lures.

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Great Lakes Lure Co receives mention, including photographs in an encyclopedia documenting the History of fishing lures.


The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures ( written by Robert A. Slade) Volume 9, documents the history of Charles Kausch and company and its eventual purchase by Great Lakes Lure Company. It details the most prominent lures, it's history and eventual purchase and transformation into what is now The Great Lakes Lure Co.


This is a great read, and is representative of what Great Lakes Lures is all about. We are proud to produce such legends and we strive to be the Best that there is. No one produces the quality, the history or the future of lures like The Great Lakes Lure Co.


For note:FB_IMG_1551924933822.jpgFB_IMG_1551924951328.jpgFB_IMG_1551924963565.jpgFB_IMG_1551924974851.jpgFB_IMG_1551924984375.jpgFB_IMG_1551924993436.jpgFB_IMG_1551925001409.jpg

Great Lakes Lure Co was formed from a partnership of Junior Oakes ( my father) and Mr John Stanko. ( Then known as J & J distribution)My father purchased Kausch after him and John began making lures together. Mike Glover had nothing to do with this purchase or relationship. I'm sure John will corroborate that fact as well. As will the following pictures.


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