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A couple solid fish to end the year on


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Finally got a warm night so I could fish without dealing with freezing eyes every cast. Fishing was a little slow but we managed to land 7, drop 3 and miss a couple. We each kept just one. Highlight of the night for me was seeing lots of yoy fish in the rocks along shore. My buddy Scotty lost a real big girl probably around 11-12 lbs which on the bright side saved him on some taxidermy...sorry Kev! Lol. River seems very healthy even though numbers seemed down this year with lots of spawning classes represented especially yoy.


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Great job boys!!! Tell scotty to sharpen his hooks! I was chasing perch this weekend or would've joined ya, faught the shelf ice last week but managed some good ones too......big girls starting to stage along with the female pike who are robbing me......time ticking down, will get rest soon






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