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Looking to update my graph on my Ontario boat.

i fish 10-12 times per year, try to target just “Kings” outside of 100 feet of water, stay away from the browns and lake trout.

Wouldn’t be without my Fish Hawk!

Dont need all the fancy stuff, just a good graph that has chart plotter features etc. Use the waypoints

etc but not much else besides speed and temp at the surface. 

Any suggestions or recommendations?


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Speed, Temp and graph?  That's it?  Probably anything that you can put a Navionics card in.  I just purchased a Lowrance Elite 9ti from Cabelas.  A Lowrance rep happened to be there.  I was looking at the Hook series and he said that anything around 80' and over he didn't believe on the Hook.  Something about processor speed/transducer/memory/blah blah blah.  Anyways, if you don't care if the depth and "fish finder" is completely accurate in the "hundreds of feet deep" range then anything will work for what you are doing as long as it can read Navionics for an excellent map.

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Garmin GPSMAP 742 which in the non-sonar version pre-loaded with BlueChart G2 map is the $850 mid-range market.  This is different from the GPSMAP 742XS or XSV as those are sonar enabled. If you were to ever want sonar though, you would need to network a second unit or purchase a unit with XS or XSV capabilities initially and just not use the fishfinder.  Garmin CS is very good as well compared to some others.  I have 7600 series networked.


Simrad Go7 Xse can save you a couple bucks and supports Navionics cards.  For the money they are good units and my buddy has one.  Navigating through menu's a little more to get used to though.  Lowrance and Simrad use the same CS support.

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