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for sale : usa Property in Pa with house and 68 acres etc.

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To view pictures and/or virtual tour type in the address of this property:  1378 Taylor Hill Road, Rome, Pa 18837.  Not currently listed with a realtor but still for sale.  This property includes a beautiful house, 68 acres of both open and wooded land with 3 ponds, gorgeous views!!  Lots of privacy and ability to hunt, fish etc.  Also includes shed, hot tub, barn with electric and water.  Lots of deer and turkey.  This property would also make a great sporting club location.  


Posting this for a friend.  For more information please call Bob at 239-248-6061.

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We actually posted this for our friends who own the property if you want to call the number. All I know is it is a really nice place with beautiful land. 

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Why is it for sale? If the seller can't answer clearly, it means the property was built to sell, or it has serious flaws that will be hidden. Is it registered as residential property? If not yet, does it have a building permit? If not, there may be problems with registration.
What kind of plumbing and how is it arranged? Is there gas, water, electricity? If not, do you have the technical conditions for connection?
Are there design documentation, contracts with builders, certificates, and guarantees? If you bought the house from a reliable company, there would not be these questions, so you should find out all this

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