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mexico/oswego launch conditions

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there isn't any ice in Oswego harbor or out in the lake,there is a 3 foot high pile of ice on the ramp though,i dought it will melt by next weekend.could easily be removed with a loader.pretty much same story at mexico,the lot is mostly glare ice,which will probably melt by next weekend,but here too,there is a pile of ice on the ramp,but not quite as much as in Oswego.DSC_0350.thumb.JPG.78a114b1e48043061528aef28d6be42b.JPGDSC_0355.thumb.JPG.708343bf611c511108bb5e8b9614b604.JPGDSC_0358.thumb.JPG.57f19dc04b215e49892684a1f5ff7b61.JPGDSC_0362.thumb.JPG.16a7ee0583df6af3b7274b297400a9b6.JPG

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