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    • Oswego Sun & Mon

      Sunday 8/4 morning was a blow off. Went out around 4pm with waves at about 3' +/- Forecast was for the wind/waves to settle down and they did. Went Northeast out of the harbor to about 220' Spun around and trolled with the waves at my back.  Took 2 fish at 180' one came on 50' rigger/spoon NBK the other on 10 color w/Black/silver spoon. Then nothing for a couple hours. Decided to troll my way back to the harbor. Got to 65' finally had some prospects on the screen and the 5 color c

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    • 1994 Sea Ray Sun Sport

      1994 Sea Ray Sun Sport On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sea-Ray-Sun-Sport-310-31ft/352745136036? View the full article

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      By request I've made some  "Big Al's" Lure holders with a Dark Sun Screen cover film. This film is dark enough to protect your eyes from an ARC welder.  Meets ASTM-D-882 and 1004. Size Magnum 36 x 16.6 I've added 2 bottom Velcro tabs, to make a total of 3,  I've also included 3 cable tie self adhesive bases, 2 re-usable cable ties.   Except for the film these are the same product that you know and love.  My goal here was to protect glow and other finishes in direct sun light and i

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      Can any body recommend a a product to treat your  canvas top to water proof

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    • Treman 4-29

      Did a second day in a row out of Treman. Weather forecast said below freezing temps and ENE wind. Expecting little to nothing for fish action. Boy was I wrong.   Launched and motored up the east side around 730. First fish was 5 minutes after the first rod was in the water. Steady action all the way until 1pm. 5 color leadcore, flatlines, dipsey diver at 165 out and riggers at 25 feet. Spoon and cranks. Didn’t matter the color or style. The fish preferred a deep diver rapala shad, but we caug

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