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Sold / Closed I UPGRADE your Cannon swivel bases. 16 indexing positions instead of 6

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Hello, I am offering my machining services to "fix" your Canon down rigger swivel bases.

Have you ever wanted to change the Angle of your riggers, but these isn't a position that will work? I FIX THAT!

I machine your plate from only 6 indexing position and make them into 16 positions!

If you have the one that look like the first picture, I can turn them into the ones into the second picture!

Just remove the Stainless Steel plate, (held on with 2 phillips screws), mail them to me and I will mail them back to you ready to go!

The price is $20 for each plate. Plus $5 for return shipping. Shipping is the same price for up to 6 plates.



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