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Dream Season of all time!

Paul Czarnecki

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I thought I would share with everyone the best deer season I have ever had in 32 years of hunting.

It started with the PA archery season. Hunted for one of 4 bucks I had trail cam pics of. Managed to kill one of them on Nov. 1st. Its a 18 inch 8 point with nice tall tines.

I left for Kansas on Nov. 4th. Hung some stands on the 5th. Was in the stand for exactly 20 minutes on the 6th (my birthday) and killed this 142 inch 10 point.


I left Kansas the next day and drove to southern Ohio. I arrived late Friday night and my buddy told me to sit in one of his stands for Saturday morning until I could hang some stands of my own in the afternoon. I was in the stand exactly 25 minutes and killed this 172 inch 9 point.


I returned home on Sunday and started bowhunting NY on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning I killed a nice 1 1/2 yr. old 7 pointer.

Saturday was the gun opener in NY. I sat in the pouring rain all day seeing only a few deer. Let a small buck go early and froze my wet butt most of the day. Finally, at 4:30 I saw this buck come up out of a ravine chasing a doe. I killed him at 156 yards (7mm). He's a 10 pointer with an 18 inch spread and great mass. I haven't scored him yet but he looks to be around 135.


My Kansas, Ohio and NY gun bucks all weighed over 200 pounds. The realization of killing 5 bucks in 4 states in 14 days still hasn't set in. If I live to be 100 I will never have a season like this again. Glad I could share a piece of it with you.

Good luck to everyone the rest of the season!


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Thats just unheard of unless your Michael Waddel! Great job! Now you know that means your fishing season is gonna rot!

Hey lets not forget the 22lb Steelhead he caught this past summer along with a nice 30+ king! Man you had one heck of a 2008!

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You are a blessed man that is for sure. Savor the moment and I hope it continues for you.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Let me know when the pens are going to be put in at the Oak. Matt and I are planning on coming up and helping.

Jeff Jackson

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