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Slack High Sportfishing

How-to Video on Tying Salmon Trolling Flies

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      $18 includes shipping $7 more to Canada #1 mustard treble 4/0 octopus single 42” 50lb fluro leader rattle chart and glow beads flys never used Hammer live action Sweet pea glow TG blue Lime live action send pm paypal [email protected]

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    • Trolling bucket example

      I blew up a bucket today trolling into the rough water . I like to keep them out not only to reduce speed but to stabilize the boat  . These are a big a part of my equipment as my rods or downriggers.they are in and out of the water all day .    I store them on my hardtop upside,down on the rocketlaunchers  and the sun probably doesn't help them .  Took me  15 min to make 2 .  Guys ask once in a while so here it is,. 

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      Hey folks, new to the forum, not sure how this community slipped under my nose for so long. Im looking for some pointer's on trolling. Ive been a diehard caster but I realize the importance and potential of being able to troll effectively.  Added a kicker motor to my rig and kind of waiting to have a better understanding before I further invest. I know a glass rod is almost a must, but what lengths do you guys use for what? I'm looking at the same rod in a 7'6 and 9'. Is either a better all arou

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      Let’s hypothetically say you were trying to catch shaker kings in Lake Ontario in September, where would you troll? What depth or temperature? Offshore or nearshore? West, east? What baits would you use?   By shaker, I mean the 6” - 12” fish that were either stocked or came out of the streams this spring.  I realize no one targets them,  but has anyone witnessed a pattern where they frequently run into these sized King’s in fall?   Thanks in advance for any ideas, bw

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