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Fished with a couple buddies who are new to trolling the big lake. (They were out yesterday and only did 3 browns) My buddy asked me for help so my girlfriend and I joined them today. Set up out front of Ibay in 10fow trolled East. Fished all the way past 4 mile with a slow pick by 11:30 had 6 browns in the boat. Girl friend wanted to see if we could get her first laker went out to 40fow and set up. Got her first laker. Came back in and set up in 10fow and had a steady pick of cookie cutter browns between Webster Park and Cowsucker. Last fish of the day came in 20fow on a bayrat dirty goose 80ft behind the board. Came out of the release big head shakes and 500 feet peeled off the counter in a heartbeat and popped off (we all know what it was)! Called it right then and there. Finished with 15-20 fish, water temp 33.5-36.6, speed 1.8-2.4!IMG_4984.thumb.JPG.3d22c24151926049363eb7c59521ff5d.JPGIMG_4988.thumb.JPG.ff3656940a181f4a15f7784ccabd47e5.JPGIMG_4995.thumb.PNG.8b9ce87a2b2cc0c48a44d16e57df762e.PNGIMG_2230.HEIC



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