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Glenn -Brazee

for sale : usa King Salmon full skin mount -nice!

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Selling a unique Lake Ontario King salmon mount that appears to be jumping out of the water.  The Salmon is a full 360 skin mount from an accredited downstate taxidermist and he didn't cut any corners. Pictures show the quality and detail.  Fish is approx. 34" long and about 20# class. Not huge by any standards but certainly enough catch your attention. If seriously interested I can upload different pictures or send to your cell. phone. Selling for $350. Please no ridiculous offers as any fisherman knows this full mount cost twice that to mount. ThanIMG_3209.thumb.JPG.2682b8db5e64972a6e3d56f2916fd651.JPGIMG_3210.thumb.JPG.edadef1953b0bb89887f68a4bc3919e5.JPGIMG_3212.thumb.JPG.233e99a7799eaa384c469feb77ccecc8.JPGks for looking. IMG_3208.thumb.JPG.e1de8bf6f68d83c4dd3eeef8f65e913d.JPG

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Wow  this looks really nice      Beautiful table piece       good work !

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