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Stick Baits, Rapala, Bomber etc...

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Selling a lot of some stickbaits that I dont need...All of them are in very good condition and are basically brand new...If your seriously interested send me a PM and I will not ship but I dont mind driving up to 30-45 minutes to make a exchange and am located right by Irondequoit Bay...Sorry I have no picture but I cant seem to get them off the camera, into the computer...

I'm asking $110 for them which I think is fair as most of these have never touched the water and stickbaits are'nt cheap to begin with...

1 J-11 Firetiger

1 S-9 Firetiger

1 J-11 Firetiger

2 J-11 Perch

1 S-11 Perch

2 S-11 Black/Gold

1 J-9 Black/Gold

1 J-11 Black/Gold

3 J-9 Black/Silver

5 J-11 Black/Silver

2 S-11 Black/Silver

2 S-11 Silver/Chartruese

2 S-11 Rainbow

1 S-11 Silver/Blue

1 S-9 Silver/Blue

2 J-11 Gold/FlrscntRed

3 J-9 Gold/Flrscnt Red

1 S-11 Gold/Flrscnt Red

2 S-9 Gold/Flrscnt Red: That completes the Rapala Portion...

7 Small Bomber Long A's: 2 Black/silver 3 black/gold/orange, 1 Pearl White, and 1 blue/green and orange...

6 Reef Runners: Dont know there colors well enough to know what they are but they are brand new and I picked colors I thought for steelies and browns...

4 Jr- Thunder-stick's: 2 black/silver, and 2 black/gold/orange...

3 Small Yo-Zuri Cyrstal Minnows in Black/Silver...

4 Large Yo-Zuri Cyrstal Minnows: 2 Black/Silver, and 2 Rainbow...

2 Large Holographic Minnows from Rebel BlackSilver...

3 Large Black/Silver Challengers...

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