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Sold / Closed WTB: Landing Net

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Before I buy something new I figured I’d ask here. Looking for a larger landing net, prefer something with an extendable handle and coated bag. We release a lot of fish so coated bag is a must.

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I have a very large Frabill I paid well over $ 100 for.  It’s built to withstand WWIII —-the downside, it’s too heavy for a guy like me who fishes alone  to hold the net in one hand while fighting a fish in the other—-it’s definitely designed for two hands operation.


It’s essentially brand new—-my guess it’s similar to this one:




I’d have to ship —-I’ll deliver it to your door for $ 80.00 if you’re interested——my guess, with the money you’d save over buying new, you could replace the current mesh with C&R friendly mesh and still be money ahead of buying new—this one is HUGE, designed for 50 lb fish + —-has rivets to weight the bag and make it tangle-free but it’s not the true modern rubberized mesh, though I have released fish out if no problem....


This fish I didn’t release......the net did what it was supposed to do....






5804C2C8-6779-4B0A-972C-A0CD3F762122.thumb.jpeg.8a841d3b87aaf836c227f8dd7d00395c.jpegof it no problem6B23C680-AC51-48A7-A717-33CFBADB2737.thumb.jpeg.746a71c005aad2bde1e8e55a44041794.jpeg850A4636-73AA-4CF4-B4EB-EC57AB876C77.thumb.jpeg.d7dec02f625602774f8621263fde6e66.jpeg




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