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Cayuga Cayuga 3/24

Reel Doc

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Finally some free time and decent weather to get on the lake.  Water level was up enough to launch from Dean's so saved a half-hour plus drive each way when going to Taughannock.

Started out working the shallow water with some stickbaits and spoons but nothing happening.  Worked out deeper and found groups of actively feeding lake trout in 100-130 fow.  Searched for a bit out to 250 fow but never found any big bait pods.  Went back to the 1/2 mile stretch with the areas of feeding fish and had a great time bringing a dozen fish in.  The first pic was a double, off dipsey #2 setting out 200 and a 500 copper.  All fish went for flasher/fly except pic 2 who hammered this new spoon from the set sent to me by Jonathan Ross of Hawks Custom tackle.  I asked him to send a starter set for Cayuga lake.  So far so good! 👍



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5 hours ago, Hooked Custom Lures said:

What size boat did you launch. curious if my 20' trophy can get out

24 foot Wellcraft.  Near the end of the dock at Deans to get it off the trailer and had great help from a couple perch fisherman when loading out so it went quickly despite the fact that we talked shop for awhile.  You should be fine but just in case keep your main motor trimmed up until you get out of the cove.  I had to do that at Taughannock last month too as didn't want to rototill the bubbler.....

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4 hours ago, Gill-T said:

Can I invite myself onto your boat?  You are always on them!

Anytime I would love the company.  The family only wants to go when warmer weather. Plus they like sleeping in so summer trips starting at 5:30 am don't work for them they want 5:30 pm.

Get in touch with me and we'll get after it sometime.  And remember, I'm just doing what you all on this site taught me over the years.   Looking forward to getting a little smarter at catching silvers.  They don't like what I've been selling nearly as much as the Lakers do.


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