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NYS Empire Pass Renewal 2019


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If you renew your existing Empire pass to the State parks by March 31st they deduct $10 from the $80 charge so it is $70. The pass is good until 12/31/19. You can do it online if you have a n email address and password that they have registered for you from before (they didn't have mine on file) otherwise the number is 1-518-474-0458. A live person actually answered the phone much to my surprise:lol:

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I renewed my card already, but then starting thinking why did I waste the $80?  If I'm using the same card as last year, how does the person at the launch know if it's good or not?  Normally the launch just records your card number and license plate down in a notebook - you're telling me someone from the state collects all the launch notebooks and sees if the cards are legit?  Sounds cheaper and easier for the state to have a new pass each year.

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