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Fair haven Net Pen Work Day

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If anyone is available we will be having a work day this Saturday at 1PM on the northern property of Bayside Marina to put a new net on one of the pens and secure the other nets on the other two pens.  A pair of pliers with snips, boots, and gloves are recommended but not required.

We will be having our FHFA meeting at the conclusion of the work where all are welcome. 

The pens will be docked at Turtle Cove and Bayside Marina again this year.  Please be sure to thank Scott and Brian for their continued support.  Also the DEC purchased this new net and two new feeders for this year and an additional net for next year for us. 

It may be raining so dress warm.

Turtle Cove restaurant is open from Thursday through Sunday for dinner through close if anyone is looking for a bite to eat after.


Thanks in advance.

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