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Autopilot for kicker


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19 hours ago, Frogger said:

Yea I’m with ya. Went through the same thing a couple of years ago. Had the elite when they came out. Sales guy said oh yea if it has nema 2000 you should be fine. When I was ready to buy the AP, someone who knew what they were talking about said nope it won’t. It’s just for data only. Now with that said the new elite ti series said it had smart steer which is what runs the lowrance AP but don’t quote me. Anyway I went with Ray marine.

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we must have talked to the same knot head. So I went with the python and troll master, not ''auto'' pilot but has s turns and different pattern built in and throttle control on a lanyard along with  left/right at your fingertips. all around $900.00 but I did give up set it and forget it type autopilot. In my mind might be a good thing, 

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I do have a Lowrance ap and I'm more then happy with it. The Ti can't run the AP but the Gen2, Gen3 and carbon can. There is some very good deal on the Gen-3 and the Carbon. You can also look at the Simrad GO. The Simrad GO is the counterpart of the TI but the GO can run the ap

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