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My name is Marty Brown, I live in the Horseheads area, I'm 62 years young, I have trapped since I was 14 years old. When my trapping partner died it hit me so hard that I completely gave up on that part of my life, no regrets,(I do miss his camaraderie) prices weren't like they were when I was younger anyhow, I don't miss trapping, I don't, and I do, BUT what I really enjoy is calling in coyotes, fox, and coon. I'm looking for a LOCAL trapper, can be a old timer or a up and comer, I start calling in Oct. whether they are prime or not, and I generally plan on shooting dogs into Mar. when they close, I understand the fur prices are on a climb, I'm looking for a reliable  place/person to dump bodies on, MUST be willing to take all. I'm not interested in any $ from the fur at all. PLEASE SHARE if you know somebody. THANK YOU  

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