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Fish hawk question

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So I bought a new x4 and in the instruction book . It said that the break away safety cable is only rated for 12 pound weights and if using anything heavier it is recommended to use a shock absorber snubber . Well I have 16 pound weights and snubbers already. So does that mean to use the break away cable and the snubber or just the snubber. Not very clear to me


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Use the break away cable anyway and in between the probe and the weight. You do need a weak spot there. Loosing one 16 pound torpedo is a lot cheaper than loosing a probe and a torpedo because your cable broke higher up. You can also make your own brake away cable that is stronger than the one Fish Hawk supplies ,but weaker than your down rigger cable.

It is a very good idea to check your downrigger cable every time before you go out fishing. The one time I did not cost me over $300 in lost gear,spoiled a fishing trip and made me feel like a complete fool.

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Most rigger cable are rated for 150lbs, the breakaway is rated for 50lb creating a weak spot like previously stated. That breakaway goes on the lower half of your probe to the torpedo weight allowing for a weak connection. X2 for checking rigger cable often while in use. Frays, twists, kinks will dramatically reduce cable strength. Remember to change your cable connections every season.
Lately we’ve been using 60lbs mono between probe and weights! Works great and very cheap to replace.

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